Meeting soon in 8 Rue du Roi Albert in Nantes. This new place will welcome Thomas Brac de La Perrière, heraldic engraver.

The projects are many for year to come:

  • The release of the movie about the garnet Tsavorite, delayed by the moving
  • Of new journeys in perspective
  • The development of courses is open to all within the workshop to discover the facets of our business

Our fashion will work will be almost identical so well: we shall ask to our dear customers to make an appointment necessarily before passing to our workshop.

This for several reasons which seem to us important to explain:

  • Take the time necessary for the coverage of your demand
  • Reserve for the jewelers of moments for the work in a workshop
  • Do not encroach at the time of one of our customer having reserved a MEETING
  • For a reason of safety and the number of nobody being able to be welcomed within the premises.