Jeweller from father to son for 4 generations

we make handmade your very own design. Deeply anchored in the traditional jewel craftsmanship, our Jewel Workshop has kept the best of our ancestral methods added with the state-of-the art current technologies in jewelry.


Before bringing it to life under the fingers of the designer, your jewel evolves in 3D shapes. You can bring any changing you wish and so, take fully part in the creation of your jewel. On your request, we can email you photos from the different steps of the making, enabling you to follow up and better understand that fantastic journey !


Platinium, a real know-how. that white metal, more resistant than white gold does not deteriorate in time. Nowadays, the jewellers working platinium are becoming scarce. So we are proud to be specialists in platinium working.

Gemstones cutting. You may ask us to modify completely your diamond cut (from an old style cut to a modern one), as well as coloured gems polishing

Our Services

made in France

Creations created in our Nantes workshop in a coworking space dedicated to luxury

quality stones

Carefully selected stones of exceptional quality


Griffon Joailliers is listening to its customers and promises to create a jewel that looks like you

3D visualization

Craftsmanship combined with advanced technology for extreme precision creations

We make your jewelery in our workshop in Nantes !

Deeply rooted in tradition, our workshop has preserved the ancestral manufacturing methods transmitted for 4 generations, while looking to the future through the use of advanced technologies.

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